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Podi varieties Kuzhambu varieties
Paruppu podi
Milagaai podi (Idly chilly powder)
Thengaai podi (Coconut powder)
Kuzhambu Podi
Saatramudhu podi (Rasam powder)
Kothamalli podi (Coriander powder)
Dhaniya podi (Coriander seed powder)
Kariveppilai podi (Curry leaves powder)
Ellu podi (Sesame powder)

Paruppu urundai kuzhambu
Kadhamba sambar
More kuzhambu
Maangaai paruppu
Masiyal (Tomato / thakkali masiyal)
Ennai Kathirikai kuzhambu
Vatha Kuzhambu
Vendhaya Kuzhambu

Saatramudhu (Rasam)

Thuvaiyal varieties
Poricha saatramudhu
Tomato saatramudhu
Veppam poo (Neem flower) saatramudhu
Jeera Pepper saatramudhu
Paruppu Saatramudhu

Pepper (Milagu) thuvaiyal
Perandai thuvaiyal
Inji (Ginger) thuvaiyal
Pudhina (Mint leaves) thuvaiyal
Paruppu thuvaiyal
Thengaai (coconut) thuvaiyal

Batter (Maavu)

Tiffin varieties

Thavala Adai
Kanchipuram Idly
Adai batter
Idly batter
Dosa batter
Rava Dosa batter
Arisi Upma
Rava Upma
Thavala adai (Thavala dosa)
Kanchipuram Idly
Upma Kozhukattai
Rava Kichadi
Mor Kali


Mixed Rice

Poosanikkai pulippu koottu
Chow Chow pulippu koottu
Kathrikkai pulippu koottu
Kadamba sambar saadham
Coconut Rice


Koozh vattral
Filter Coffee


Manakkombu (Manouppu)
Lakkadi (Wheat biscuit)
Ribbon (Saraai pakoda)
Vella Cheedai
Uppu Cheedai

Peanut balls
Nel Pori Urundai (Puffed Paddy balls)
Aval Pori urundai (Puffed Flattened Rice balls)

Pachadi (Raita)

Tomato Pachadi
Banana Stem Pachadi
Ladies finger Pachadi
Capsicum Pachadi
Cucumber Pachadi
Coconut Pachadi


Akkara Adisal
Sarkarai Pongal
Thengaai Thirukkannamudhu
Semiya Thirukkannamudhu
Arisi Thirukkannamudhu

Pickle / Thokku


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    1. you can also visit - regards Bharath

    2. How to cook murungakkai poricha kootu plz tell us sir /mam

  2. Absolutely delighted, the recipes are excellent. Made the Diwali Lehyam, Parupu urundai kozhyambu, Kanchivaram idly, Poricha satruamudhu. All came out so good. Thank you so much for your recipes. Looking forward to trying out more. Please keep on adding more.
    Thanks Again

    1. I tried the Morekuzhambu on sunday and received applause from all. Explained very well and simple. Thanks. I wnat to learn pakka Iyengar thaligai and sure my search ends here.

  3. Steps are clear for every dish.Good one..Can u able to post Devasa thaligai recipies...?

  4. Can you post karamedhu varieties and devasa thaligai too

  5. Madam,
    Can you give me the recipe for cooking palak keerai, please?



  6. Do you make Sweet Items on Order on bulk quantities. (

  7. நெல்லை பக்கம் கீரைக் கரை, வெந்த சார் செய்வார்கள் 1 அது இங்கே இருக்குமா ? அப்படியே ஒரு 42 விதமான ரச வகைகள் தேவை! உ-ம் முருங்கைக்காய், கத்திரிக்காய், பீட்ரூட் ரசம்! பிறகு இந்த திருவல்லிக்கேணின் பார்த்தசாரதி கோவில் புளியோதரை டேஸ்டுக்கு ஒரு புளியோதர ரெசிபி ப்ளீஸ்! சுதாங்கன்

    1. Sir, புளியோதரை recipe இங்கே இருக்கிறது :

  8. Parthasarathy temple items are brought from outside these days

  9. In thurukkannamudhu variety, include akkaara adisil

  10. it is really good,now a days being fast food world,we are really getting authentic foods means it is a wellcoming news for iyengar food lovers.if wish I can also give very good iyengar recipes.

  11. can u give me the exact and correct method to make adirasam with correct proportion.

  12. Hi One simple suggestion to include in the paruppu usili karamadu recipe. Once you grind the soaked paruppus with salt and chillies, take a half inch/one inch deep steel plate, smear it with a teaspoon of oil and put the ground dal mixture on it and spread it evenly and steam it covered for 20 mins in the pressure cooker. A toothpic inserted shd come out clean if it is cooked. Cool and crumble the cooked paste. I just cut it into four wedges and run it in the grater for an evenly crumbled usili. Add the crumble to vedakkina/ boiled vegetable and cook for just a minute or two to allow the two to blend well. This requires minimal oil, and no stirring or fear of lumping/burning.

    1. I use the Idly plates and cook the paruppu usili batter like idlies. After it is cool I put this in a mixie and grind it in pulse mode. We get soft usili.

  13. Replies
    1. Thank you Swami for your comments.

    2. Yes I tried the steamed variation too and stuck to it for a calorie conscious alternative

    3. hi can you give me the receipe of badam and cashew cake step by step

  14. Thanks for all your comments and feedback. Will try to add more recipes

  15. why there is no AKKARAIADISIL

  16. Dear Andal Maami,
    Nice work.Please let me know how to get in touch thru email.I have some questions.Please write to me at am working on a project collecting Iyengar information.

  17. RAJAPPAN GOPALAN26 August 2014 at 01:08

    Great Job Madam,

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to more recipes.

    Rajappan Gopalan

  18. Good. Milagu kuzhambu and Katharikkai thogayal may be added.

  19. hi andal first time seeing your blog..will try some dishes and msg u
    planning of doing sambar or saatramudu podi lets see
    very nice blog keep helping us andal

  20. Nice work mami...easy for youngsters who start cooking...please kp updating wth more new recipes

  21. will be helpful if you can post parangikai (yellow pumpkin) thayir patchadi.. Thank u..

  22. Hi will you let us know what recipes for pongal festival function.. for boohi, pongal and kanu.

  23. Hi will you let us know what recipes for pongal festival function.. for boohi, pongal and kanu.

  24. Kalural upma how to make? Arisi with all paruppu and grind like adai mavu and to make upma. What is the proportion?

  25. please give us the recipe for "Mor Saaththamudhu"

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  28. we use red round chilli when we make the kuzhambu podi. Should we remove the stem/kaambu of the chillies before we make the podi? or should we make the podi with kaambu?

    1. No need to remove the stem/kaambu when making the podi, Srinivasan

  29. I love iyengar food very mich. love to cook too but being gujarati i do not know all the names meaning. Is it possible to put english names of the recipe?

    1. Will try to put English names of recipies, Tina. For your info, for all the recipes, the ingredients already contains english names.

  30. Please post deva sathaikal will be much obliged

  31. Can you put a page showing the traditional thaligai for each festival and occasion including like amavasai, dwadasi etc. Easy to link the menu back to the existing receipe.

  32. The presentation is very helpful and easy to follow. The recipes are authentic and delightful. Can you please share the recipe for iyengar style buttermilk (mor) as it would be helpful for summer. Thank you

  33. Dear mami,

    I really love all your recipes. One kind request, mami. Could you please elaborate about cooking on auspicious days, be it on Fridays or any festival days. In some household, certain vegetables are avoided on Fridays but some family dont follow that. For ex. in some houses, snakegourd,moong dhal, taro root etc are not cooked on friday but some people does. Could you please explain such practice in our iyengar culture? If possible, could you please list such foods to be avoided on auspicious days?

    Thank you so much,

  34. Namaskaram, This is Raja from Africa Nigeria. At the outset accept my anantha kodi namaskarams for running this site. Wonderful and excellent for those like me living abroad temporarily or on sojourn or whatever it be !!
    Well, leave alone all the plus and minuses of this effort, lets input to make it more effective.
    My humble suggestion is as follows.
    There shud be a link within the site, that enables one to print whatever recipes he/she wiahes to pick. Say, I shud be be able to click and choose my required recipes, like a CART in ecommerce sites, and print them in one shot. That will be wonderful.
    So that one can make a booklet of his choice of food required.
    The site is a boon. Thanks once again.
    Raja ( Iyengar from Tiruchy Srirangam and Coimbatore.

  35. Super! I am a Gujarati married into an iyengar family! 'My twins love the traditional iyengar recipes as much as they love my nagar brahmin( Gujarati) recipes and I miss my amma's cooking as much as my mother's cooking! This blog is a bliss! I tried your thakalli rasam, parappu thuvail and planning to try Kancheepuram idly! Will continue to keep coming to this blog again and again! Romba nandri ����

  36. Do you know the Ingredients required to prepare Kho appalam. Also please let me know the method of preparing this appalam.

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  38. Vendaikkai asadu how to do this.

  39. Karamathu panrathu eppadie. Konjam solnaenna nalla erukkum.

  40. Similarly for poricha kathrikai or chow chow koottu.. Please tell me how to prepare...also for thogaiyal.. In today's scenario eating outside food is terribly expensive and adulterated. All dishes without onion or garlic is not prepared....

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  43. We use this website quite a lot. Thank you for all the efforts. Could we please kaaramadhu/kaaya section as well. So we will have everything for a thaligai here

    1. Also if we could add Dwadasi thaligai, that would help Adiyen a lot

  44. wow!!such a beautiful blog!!Loved each and every recipe. Thanks for taking such a big effort to share authentic recipes!!

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  46. Hello
    Wow.Your doing good work. I use this website often as it reminds me of my mother's recipes.
    A request to post some karmedu recipes please.

  47. Great Work, appreciate the time taken to put this together to preserve our cooking. Is there a place to submit other Iyengar recipes not featured here as yet? Thank You

  48. Namaskaram, I live in California and am an Iyengar by birth. I enjoy cooking, eating and sharing Iyengar meals. One dish that myy patti and my mother used to make is "Madathu Kuzhambu". I lost my mother 2 years ago and I did not learn it from her. Can someone please share it with me if they know it? Also, there is a special thirukannamadhu that is served in Ahobila madam. This is made with rice and vellam. I would like to know its recipe too.

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