Deepavali Lehiyam


Sukku (Dry Ginger) - 10 gm
Kandanthippili (Long pepper) - 10 gm
Omam (Carom seeds)- 10 gm
Kasa kasa (Poppy seeds) - 10 gm
Dry grapes - 25 gm
Chitharathai root (Fingerroot) - 10 gm
Cashew nut - 10
Badam - 10
Ginger - 50 gm
Pepper - 10 gm
Jeera - 10 gm
Gingely oil - 50 ml
Ghee - 50 gm
Honey - 25gm
Jaggery -250 gm


  1. Soak omam, kasa kasa in small cups of water separately. This is just to make sure the sand present in them gets settled down.
  2. Thoroughly wash ginger, chop it and soak in a cup of water.
  3. Wash kandanthippili, chitharathai, smash them and soak in hot water.
  4. Soak badam in a separate cup of water
  5. Leave all of the above for an hour
  6. Peel the badam skin
  7. Remove these ingredients from water and put in mixer grinder
  8. Add dry grapes, cashew, pepper, jeera, required amount of water and grind them nicely to form a paste.
  9. Add 1 cup of water in a pan and add the jaggery (smashed) and heat it till the jaggery dissolves completely
  10. Filter the jaggery liquid or take only the top portion of the jaggery liquid, as the bottom portion might contain sand.
  11. Add this filtered jaggery in a pan and heat it. Add the grounded ingredients from the mixer grinder in this pan. Heat the pan in medium flame.
  12. Stir continuously for 15 minutes
  13. Add gingely oil to this and heat for 10 minutes
  14. Add ghee and stir for 5 minutes
  15. Heat until the consistency is like lehiyam.  Add little ghee to your fingers and feel the consistency. The lehiyam should not stick in the fingers. (Consistency should be like idly flour batter)
  16. Turn off the stove
  17. Add honey and stir
  18. Allow it to cool and preserve the lehiyam in an air-tight container. Preserve it in fridge for longer duration.

Omam (Carom seed)
Kasa Kasa (Poppy seed)
Soaked badam
Soaked Jeera, Cashew, Pepper
Chitharathai, Sukku
Chopped Ginger
Ingredients grinded in mixer grinder
Water with jaggery
Jaggery completely dissolved
Grinded ingredients mixed
After few minutes

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