Manakkombhu (Manouppu)


Pachcharisi (raw rice) - 4 aazhakku (800 grams)
Moong dhal (payatham paruppu) - 3/4 aazhakku (150 grams)
Bengal gram(kadalai paruppu) - 1/4 aazhakku (50 gram)
Salt - 2 tablespoon
Butter (vennai) - 150 grams
Sesame (ellu) - 1/4 teaspoon


  1. Lightly heat bengal gram and moong dhal
  2. Mix them with raw rice
  3. Grind them in a nearby flour mill
  4. If you do not have flour mill nearby, purchase rice powder. Grind the dal items nicely in a mixer grinder. Seive it using a jalladai. Mix this with rice flour
  5. Lightly heat butter till it melts and mix with the flour
  6. Add salt, sesame and mix thoroughly
  7. Split the flour into 2 portions (To maintain color consistency of manakombu, prepare dough separately 2 times)
  8. Mix water with first portion and prepare a dough
  9. Heat oil in a pan for frying
  10. Put the dough in a kuzhal and press it to over the oil in frying pan


  1. Hi,
    the bakshanam looks yummy. I used store bought flour for all 3. When I try to press the kuzhal, the dough is not falling. After several attempts at pressing, I gave up. Can you please tell me where / what is the problem?

    1. Is the dough hard? Mix some oil/water and make it soft

  2. The trick is that you need to mix the flour with water in small batches. Once it is soaked in water for sometime, the dough will become hard.

  3. In this 4 th point in preparation column raw rice flour measurement will vary with raw rice right?? Then how measurement should be taken if store bought flour ??

    1. Good question, then take all three flours in the powder form whether brought from the store or ground in-house.