Filter Coffee

The first step for a refreshing & great filter coffee is to identify the coffee powder brand and coffee beans grade that tastes great for you. We have tried various brands like Kothas, Leo coffee, Fresh and Ground, Indian coffee and some local coffee shops and have tried different grades of coffee beans. Finally, now settled with Bayers Coffee (Bangalore) (JAVA - 80% Coffee, 20% chicory).
Chicory will not let water flow down easily through the filter and will extract the flavour from coffee. So make sure your coffee powder does contain some chicory.
Some people even use hand held coffee beans grinder everyday to prepare fresh coffee powder.
So identifying the coffee powder that tastes great for you will take some time (even days/months).

Use a brass or stainless-steel coffee filter to make decoction. [We have tried other coffee makers, Stove Top filters, etc., but nothing comes close to the filter].

Here are the steps for preparing coffee for 3 people.
  1. Heat the top portion of the filter on gas stove, so that any dust in the pores gets cleaned
  2. Add 4 spoons of coffee powder in the top portion of the filter
  3. Take some water and boil it. Pour the boiled water in the filter top fully and close the lid.
  4. Let the decoction get collected in the bottom filter.
  5. If the decoction is too watery, pour the decoction in the top portion of the filter again.
  6. For 1 tumbler of coffee - take 1/4 tumbler of decoction and mix it with freshly boiled milk
  7. Finally add 1-1/2 spoon of sugar.

1 Spoon Coffee powder
Decoction Color

Some tips

  1. Don't re-heat coffee. Always mix decoction with hot milk. Reheating a coffee will make it lose taste and flavour.
  2. Coffee tastes great when freshly boiled milk is used. Subsequent heating of milk and preparing coffee will not taste that good.
  3. Add Sugar as a last step, after mixing decoction and milk. We have noticed that, decoction, when mixed with sugar, loses its thickness.
  4. Don't add too much of sugar. Only if there is some bitterness of the decoction left, the coffee tastes great.


  1. Wanted to know the ratio of water to add to 4 spoons of coffee powder. Thanks.

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  4. Always add the accurate level of coffee powder and water advised. Adding too much of coffee powder makes the filter to clog.
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