Avakkai Oorugaai (Mango Pickle)


Avakkai Mango - 6 (Medium size)
Red chilly powder - 200 grams
Mustard (kadugu) powder - 200 grams
Salt - 130 grams
Gingely oil (Nallennai) - 3/4 (three fourths of a litre)
Fenugreek (vendhayam) - 1 tablespoon


  1. Cut the mangoes. ( Make sure the seed shell is present. Do not remove it )
  2. Dry mustard in hot sun and powder it in a mixer grinder
  3. Mix mustard powder, salt and red chilly powder thoroughly
  4. Use a ladle (karandi) and take one ladle of cut mangoes (Do not use your hand)
  5. Put this in a container
  6. Using the same ladle, take one ladle of powdered mustard+salt+chilly powder
  7. Put this in the container
  8. Use the above same procedure and put mangoes and powder, layer by layer. i.e., one layer of mangoes followed by one layer of powder till all the items are over
  9. Add fenugreek
  10. Pour the gingely oil till the mangoes and powder are submerged
  11. Close the container tightly
  12. Once in 2 days, use a wooden karandi and stir
  13. Pickle will be ready to use in 10 days
  14. Add gingely oil whenever you want in future, if the oil level becomes low.